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Preserve the gorgeous look of your new area rugs

What are Rug Pads?

Area rug pads are thin underlays specially made to be used under rugs to protect both your rug and floor. We highly recommend buying a quality area rug pad so you can get the most enjoyment out of your rug for years to come. If this is your first area rug or the first time you’ve heard about rug pads, use this guide to become familiar with common types of rug pads and materials to look for.

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Rug pad | Color Interiors

Main Types of Area Rug Pads

There are three major types of rug pads for hard surface floors:

  • Non-slip rug pads made from natural rubber prevent wrinkling and bunching
  • Cushioned felt rug pads add a plush layer of comfort to larger area rugs
  • Cushion + grip rug pads of rubber and felt are a combination of the two

What to know before buying

Not all rug pads are suited to every rug:

  • Review your flooring manufacturer's recommendations to ensure that the rug pad material is compatible with your floor
  • Check your floor's warranty to see if the use of any specific rug pad materials could void your warranty
  • Contact our experts for more information about measuring for a rug pad or selecting the right pad for your lifestyle