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What to know and do before your carpet is installed

Preparation is Essential

Be prepared! If there was only one piece of advice we could offer to customers, that would be it. Our team at Color Interiors Design Center wants you to be as well-prepared as possible for your carpet installation day. Knowing what to expect before, during & after your carpet is installed will make the entire process easier for everyone and help you and your family to enjoy your new carpet as soon as possible!

Before, on and after installation day

Before Carpet Installation Day | Color Interiors

Before Installation Day

Here's what to expect:

  • You'll decide in advance what to do with your old flooring - typically our team is able to remove and dispose of it for you.
  • We'll start by moving all of your furniture, but you'll need to prepare by removing all smaller items from drawers, walls, and closets.
On Carpet Installation Day | Color Interiors

On Installation Day

Next, it's finally time for your carpet installation:

  • Make sure you or an adult member of your family is home on installation day.
  • Keep your family safe by staying out of the work area. That includes pets and children.
  • Doors may need to be trimmed to account for the height of your new carpet, and trim such as baseboards may need to be removed.
  • Walk through the work area with your installer so proper expectations are set.
After Carpet Installation Day | Color Interiors

After Installation Day

The work isn't over once our team leaves:

  • Clear the air by opening windows, ventilating your space, and vacuuming.
  • Shedding is a natural part of carpet installation. Continue to vacuum your product and eventually the shedding will dissipate.
  • If wrinkles or ripples appear in your carpet, call us right away. Our installers will return to rectify the situation.