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Carpet Installation in the Woodlands, TX

What to know and do before your carpet is installed

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Preparation is Essential

Be prepared! If there was only one piece of advice we could offer to customers of our Spring carpet store, that would be it. Our team at Color Interiors Floor Center wants you to be as well-prepared as possible for your carpet installation day. Knowing what to expect before, during & after your carpet is installed will make the entire process easier for everyone and help you and your family to enjoy your new carpet as soon as possible!

Before Installation Day

Our team will remove all furniture & other large objects from each room being carpeted. We recommend emptying any china cabinets, drawers and closets beforehand to minimize the potential for damage of any of your belongings.

Decide what to do with your old floor covering.

One of the most important steps in the whole process will be the removal & disposal of your existing floors. It’s also one of the most time-consuming, so plenty of preparation will happen in advance. Once your floors are removed, we’ll typically dispose of them at your property’s trash collection site. If there are any disposal issues specific to your home, we’ll discuss them ahead of time.

Consider your trim.

In many cases, we may need to remove moldings and baseboards prior to your carpet installation. We’ll take care not to damage them in the process, but note that painted baseboards & woodwork may need retouching after the installation is complete.

Advice about your subflooring.

Your existing subfloor may need to be cleaned and leveled before being carpeted, or an entirely new subfloor may be required.

Have a door plan.

Your new carpet may end up being taller than your previous floors, and your existing doors may not clear the height, getting stuck and potentially damaging the fibers. We’ll remove your doors during installation if needed and discuss the potential for shaving or cutting them down. For certain types of doors, you may prefer that an outside carpenter do this work. We’ll work with you to find the best solution.

What to expect on installation day

Be home for your carpet installation.

You or another adult member of your household should be prepared to stay home on the day of your scheduled installation to greet the team and show them to their workspace. Your presence will ensure that the correct carpet is installed in the right areas and that the team has someone to go to with any questions. Please stay flexible and keep in touch with us if there are any issues.

Keep your family safe.

Your installers will use a variety of tools and techniques that can make the work area hazardous. Please make sure that your children and pets are kept out of the work area on installation day.

Don’t forget the walk-through.

We recommend that, prior to the completion of the installation, you walk through the job with the lead installer. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions and be clear about any final details.

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After Installation Day

Be ready to clear the air.

If you are sensitive to odors or dust, it’s good to be ready with a ventilation strategy. Turn on fans & open windows if possible. That “new carpet smell” may linger for a few days post-installation.

Here’s how to handle post-installation issues.

Shedding is a natural part of a new carpet. Frequent vacuuming for the first few days should remove any loose fibers from the carpet’s surface. Sprouting refers to small tufts or loops of carpet that become visible after the installation. Use a small pair of scissors to carefully trim the loose fibers flush with the surface of the carpet.

Finally, if wrinkles or ripples appear in the carpet at any point during its lifespan, it may be necessary to re-stretch the carpet. Please contact us to have this done professionally.