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Tips & techniques for stone & ceramic tile care.

Daily care is important

Time, traffic, and daily life can take a toll on tile, but cleaning can be simple with a little know-how. This guide will help you care for your existing tile and help you choose the best products to match your lifestyle.

Tile Maintenance Guide

Basic Care - Tile Flooring | Color Interiors


Start designing your tile care routine around these basic care tips:

  • Sweep your ceramic tile gently and never use a vacuum beater bar
  • Avoid steel wool, scouring pads, bleach, and ammonia when cleaning
  • Prevent dirt from entering your home by using entryway mats
Mopping - Tile Flooring | Color Interiors


Tile's waterproof surface can be mopped easily:

  • Damp-mop using manufacturer-recommended cleaning solutions
  • For tougher spot cleaning, you can use a soft sponge or cloth
  • Rinse detergent away thoroughly to give your tile a nice clean shine
Grouting and Sealing - Tile Flooring | Color Interiors

Grouting & Sealing

Grout should not be overlooked, and requires different considerations than the tile itself:

  • Vacuum attachments such as brushes and small nozzles can help pick up dirt in grout crevices
  • Don't let spills sit too long, as this can cause grout stains
  • Your grout will need occasional resealing – follow the instructions on your product's packaging


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