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Tile Care & Maintenance

Time, foot traffic & life in general can take a toll on your tile.

Thankfully, keeping tile clean & beautiful is simple with a little know-how. The Color Interiors team is here to offer our best tips & methodology for stone & ceramic tile care. We hope this guide will not only help you care for your existing tile floors, but also to choose which products might best match your lifestyle before you make a purchase. Pull from our decades of experience working with tile flooring!

Sweeping tile | Color Interiors

Ceramics should be swept gently – never beaten.

While this might conjure up a funny image of someone going a little overboard with a broom, in reality many people abuse their floors without even knowing it! Many vacuums are equipped with a beater bar that can scratch & dull tile. Such attachments should always be removed to clean your tile, if possible. If not, we recommend you stick with a broom to help pick up dirt. Other attachments, such as brushes and small nozzles, are fine. These can help you pick up dirt in crevices and other hard-to-reach places.

Dirt can adhere to the textured surfaces of tile, so regular sweeping is key to avoid grinding these particles down and doing unseen damage.


Stop dirt in its tracks with preventative maintenance.

One of the best ways to deal with dirt on your floors is to prevent it from entering your home at all. Entryway doormats and area rugs can catch much of the debris that’s typically tracked in on the bottoms of shoes. Regularly shake these mats off outdoors to keep them clean.

You can also damp-mop ceramic tile using store-bought cleaning solutions recommended by your surface’s manufacturer. If you’re not sure, consult the guidelines that came with your tile or talk to a Color Interiors representatives for advice. For spot cleaning of heavier soil, you may want to use a sponge or soft, clean cloth. Be sure to rinse detergents away thoroughly and wipe dry to prevent water from standing too long. This will also give your tiles a nice shine!


Caution!: The “don’ts” of tile flooring

  • Avoid the use of steel wool, scouring pads & powders, or any other abrasives that might scratch off your tile’s finish
  • Don’t use bleach or ammonia-based cleaners, which can discolor grout
  • Do not clean glazed tile using an oil-based cleaner
  • Don’t let spills sit for too long – standing liquid spills can stain grout
  • Don’t drag or drop heavy furniture or other objects on tile – this can cause chips or cracks. You should also cover your furniture legs with felt pads to protect against damage.
Tile cleaning | Color Interiors

Caulking and Sealing 101

To protect the grout between tiles, use caulking. This will prevent moisture & other substances from leaking below the surface and causing damage.

You can also seal the surface of your tile & grout, which will provide longer-lasting protection from dirt and spills, slowing down the processes that normally cause grout to stain. You can also use grout colorants to transform the original color of your grout. In some cases, these colorants act as a form of sealant as well.

Knowing how to care for and maintain your ceramic floor will help keep your investment beautiful, durable and a source of pride for years to come. For more maintenance information specific to your ceramic tile flooring, remember to consult the manufacturers’ recommendations or contact us at Color Interiors.