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Vinyl Installation in the Woodlands, TX

What to know and do before your vinyl flooring is installed

installing luxury vinyl tile flooring

How do you install vinyl flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring is easy to install. Many newer products don’t even require adhesive, relying instead on innovative click and lock technology that snaps together to form a solid, watertight surface.

If you’re an experienced DIY’er who wants to tackle home renovations on your own, Color Interiors Floor Center can provide the resources you need. However, we highly recommend a professional installation by our vinyl specialists. We want you to have a stunning floor that stays that way for as long as possible. Expert installation helps you adhere to warranty standards and minimizes the potential for improper installation.

If you decide to have our team install your floors, it helps to be prepared! Your involvement will help the process go smoothly & happen quickly and efficiently. Knowing what to expect will eliminate potential stress for you and your family.

Before Installation Day

Our first priority: Moving your furniture.

We’ll start by removing all your furniture & other objects from the rooms where the installation will take place. Please let us know if you have any concerns about fragile objects so we can come prepared! Particularly large objects like pianos and china cabinets are also helpful to consider in advance.

Be sure to empty cabinets, drawers & closets before furniture gets moved. We want to avoid the potential for accidental damage to your property. We may also request that you operate your heat or air conditioning at specific settings before we arrive to climate control the area.

Decisions about your old flooring.

Depending on what type of flooring you currently have, we’ll come up with a plan for the removal and disposal, if needed. This part of the process can be the most time-consuming & costly, so a lot of planning is needed to help us keep costs low & work efficient.


What about the trim?

In many cases, moldings and baseboards need to be removed for vinyl installation. If you have specific concerns that we don’t address during your initial consultation, please don’t hesitate to raise them in advance! We want to preserve anything that’s special to you, but note that there may be circumstances in which this becomes difficult or impossible. You may need to retouch your trim post-installation.

Next is the subflooring.

We may need to prep your subfloor before new vinyl can be installed. This typically involves cleaning & leveling the surface.

Be prepared for cleanup.

Installing new vinyl will produce waste. We’ll typically collect all these materials when we’re done and leave them at your property’s trash collection site. This will be clarified in advance by your lead installer or sales associate in case there are any unusual circumstances.

During Installation Day

Greet your installation team.

Our team will be as prompt as possible, and we ask that you or another adult member of your household should be home and available on the day of your scheduled installation. Your presence will ensure that any questions about the space can be answered and that the correct product is being installed in the correct areas.

Safety first!

Your installers will use a variety of tools and techniques that can make the work area hazardous. Please make sure that your children and pets are kept out of the work area on installation day.

Do a walk-through and ask questions.

We recommend that, prior to the completion of the installation, you walk through the job with the lead installer. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions and make sure you’re clear on any final details.

luxury vinyl flooring

After Installation Day

Time and temp are important.

We recommend that you don’t walk on your vinyl floors for at least 24 hours after they’ve been newly installed. This will ensure that the seams seal properly. Keep the room climate controlled for a couple days, if possible. Your installer will recommend specific settings & duration if this is needed. This will allow any adhesives to set properly. You should also wait a week or so before doing any thorough cleaning.

You’ll likely notice lingering dust and odors. You can reduce these by establishing good ventilation in your space for 2-3 days – open windows and run fans, if possible.

When you’re ready to move appliances & heavy furniture back into the room, we recommend taking protective measures. Furniture pads and mats are perfect for reducing the risk of dents & scratching. Try to lift and place these objects, rather than dragging, pushing or rolling them.