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Regular maintenance is key to decades of hardwood flooring beauty

Daily care is important

Newly installed hardwood floors have a timeless, natural beauty, and with the proper attention & effort, they’ll keep that look for decades! Time, traffic, stains & spills can take their toll, so use this guide to help you care for your floors the right way and prevent damage.

Hardwood Cleaning Tips

Hardwood Flooring Entrances | Color Interiors


Proper care starts before dirt even enters your home:

  • Invest in mats and rugs for all entryways and exits so you can catch dirt off the bottoms of shoes
  • Have guests removes shoes at the door and place them in a designated area
  • Never walk on hardwood with cleats, golf shoes, or stiletto heels
Quality Hardwood Flooring Tools | Color Interiors


Routine hardwood care is simple and requires very few tools:

  • Invest in a soft-bristle broom and sweep away dirt and dust daily
  • You can vacuum hardwood, but use hard surface settings and turn off the beater bar
  • A dust mop is another good alternative to sweeping
Hardwood Flooring Spill | Color Interiors


Spills happen, so be prepared when they do:

  • Don't let water or other liquids sit on your hardwood for too long
  • Wipe spills quickly with a clean, damp cloth
  • Dry the surface thoroughly after the spill has been removed


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