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Hardwood Flooring Care and Maintenance

Newly installed hardwood floors have a timeless, natural beauty, and with the proper attention & effort, they’ll keep that look for decades! Time, traffic, stains & spills can take their toll, however, so a regular maintenance routine is key.

Here at Color Interiors Floor Center, we’re well-versed in the proper care and cleaning of soft and hard wood floors. We’ve assembled all our expert knowledge into this guide to help you care for your floors the right way and prevent damage.


You can prevent a significant amount of damage right at the point where family & guests enter your home. Dirt & debris tracked in from outdoors may seem insignificant, but their potential impact on your floors is certainly not. These tiny particles act like sandpaper, ground down by feet into the grain of your hardwood to cause microscopic wear and tear that builds up over time. Below are some preventative tips to help stop dirt before it can get through the door.

  • Place walk-off mats or area rugs at each entryway to collect dirt and grit from boots and shoes.
  • Avoid rubber-backed or non-ventilated mats, which can damage hardwood floors.
  • Place a shoe rack or mat by the door to encourage family & guests to remove their shoes.

Mats are also useful in front of kitchen sinks and in any other areas where water may splash onto the floor.

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As the owner of a hardwood floor, you should always have these simple tools on hand:

  • A good quality broom
  • A vacuum cleaner without a beater bar (or with a removable beater bar)
  • Terry cloths, soft buffing pads & a manufacturer-approved deep cleaning product

Daily or weekly sweeping with a broom will pick up grains of dirt, dust & other particles that get tracked into your home and onto your floors. A vacuum without a beater bar will be helpful with picking up dirt between planks and other hard-to-reach areas without being too hard on the surface. Once you’ve cleaned up all solid dirt, you can restore the luster of your floors and create a protective seal by buffing with a soft cloth and the right products.

Be sure to consult your floors’ guidelines and warranty to determine the proper products to use. Your manufacturer will likely recommend certain components and advise which products might void your warranty.


You may be surprised by the answer! If you want to save yourself some time & trouble, offers a different visual aesthetic than traditional wood species, along with a flexible, resilient construction that helps them stand up to chipping, cracking and denting – all common types of damage for both soft and hard wood floors alike.


Ask your Color Interiors representative about the following:

  • Wood floor cleaning products we recommend to safely remove tough stains and spills without dulling the finish of your floor.
  • Specific products designed for the routine maintenance of pre-finished hardwood floors.
  • Cleaning floors with a urethan finish. You should never wax these!
  • Removing scuffs or heel marks. Certain hardwood cleaners sprayed onto a soft cloth can be used.
  • Removing sticky residue. Typically, a damp towel or sponge will suffice.
  • Materials that are harmful for hardwood floors. Ammonia cleaners & oil soaps are high on the “do-not-use” list, as they can dull your finish and affect your ability to recoat your floor later.
  • Moisture level & humidity changes in your home. Because natural hardwood expands & contracts with changes in moisture level, you should minimize water exposure & clean up spills as soon as they happen.
  • Wood floors naturally expand when wet, so you should never wet mop or use excessive water. Expansion and swelling may cause your floor to crack or splinter.

Want to be free from worries about water on hardwood? There are waterproof hardwood options! Floorte Hardwood by Shaw Floors is a hybrid waterproof product made using real wood.